Our Art & Philosophy

Our Art

Sensei Alf Bowser

Kawartha Martial Arts Academy is a freestyle karate club. We incorporate several styles of Martial Arts so that our students learn a well rounded and effective system.
Styles that we include in our curriculum and teaching:

  • Sport Karate
  • Kempo Karate
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Street Self-Defense

We feel that these styles together give our students a broad introduction into the world of Martial Arts, learning punches, kicks, locks, throws and escape techniques as well as exploring the principals on which they work.

Ladies self-defense classes are also available if you’d like to set up a specific program with our head instructor.


The overall philosophy at Kawartha Martial Arts Academy is that training in the martial arts should make better people.

A Japanese statement that encompasses this entire concept is giri to ninj├Á meaning obligation and humanity. As teachers at the club, our obligation is to make each student the best they can be, not to simply focus on the student who can already perform well. By putting positive teaching focus on each student with more focus on the ones who struggle we hope to improve the outlook of all the students.

As students this statement means that you will apply yourself to your training not only to make yourself better but to aid in the progress of your fellow classmates, to keep a positive atmosphere in the club and carry the idea outside to your everyday life.